Who is Mollie?

People ask me all the time who Mollie is when they find out the store is named after my naughty little Akita, Miko. Mollie was supposed to be Miko's little girlfriend but he was too naughty as a pup for me to bear adding a second one to the equation. And now in true Akita… Continue reading Who is Mollie?

Human beings. Not human doings.

I was at yoga the other day and heard this saying and it resonated with me SO HARD. I’m a human doing. I always have been. I rush around all day every day with my phone in my hand, doing 14,000 things at once. And it’s one of the reasons my bosses love me so… Continue reading Human beings. Not human doings.

Camilla – the ethereal, whimsical journey of a free spirit

Camilla's latest collection - The Long Way Home - is the story of finding your heart in your spiritual homeland. But it's also a story of the long road - the trials and tribulations, the delays getting there, the lessons learned the hard way - that makes us who we are today. The long way home that leads us to our authentic self. We absolutely LOVE the story behind this collection. And you can feel the richness of the story as you wear it - the deep, rich colours and vibrant interaction of the patterns sparks something inside of you - your authentic self, that desire to be exactly who you are, to feel at home, to feel free.

The girl with glitter on her face

Yesterday we were celebrating the hen's day of one of my most beautiful and precious friends. Dani and I have only been friends for 2 years but from the moment I met her I knew she was going to be a pillar of friendship in my life. And I only hoped I could be the… Continue reading The girl with glitter on her face